DavUtils documentation

dav lock [-pc] <url>

Creates a lock on the resource specified by the url. The lock is an exclusive write lock with infinite depth.

If the resource is successfully locked, a lock token for this resource is printed to stdout. This lock token should be saved somewhere to unlock the resource eventually.

-p disable file name and path decryption if enabled

-c enable file name and path decryption

-T <seconds> specify the lock token timeout in seconds

Example 1: lock resource and use the lock token

$ dav lock myserv/resource
$ dav put -L opaquelocktoken:0454905e-f2ff-45c4-a3d7-5c4e4db5ce37 myserv/resource newfile
$ dav unlock -L opaquelocktoken:0454905e-f2ff-45c4-a3d7-5c4e4db5ce37 myserv/resource